About Us

About Us:

India Cultural Center Greenwich is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote Indian culture and arts in the Lower Fairfield and Westchester areas.  Our objective is to organize Indian cultural programs and events on a secular basis. Our programs are targeted towards both the Indian American diaspora and our community at large.

The Indian American community in Lower Fairfield and Westchester is one that is dynamic. In numbers, there are approximately 7000 people who would call themselves Indian Americans and is comprised of both first and second generation Americans.  There is a wide dispersion in their practice and consumption of Indian arts and culture.  ICC Greenwich endeavors to be inclusive to bring programs to all. The goal is to have some programs for kids, adults and seniors and have events that bring the community together.

Indian arts and culture is undergoing a wonderful awakening in the US.  Interest in Indian culture – food, fashion, music etc.,  has increased immensely in the last few years. Chicken tikka and saag paneer are becoming common fare.  Influence of Indian fashion is manifested in the kurtis and the floral designs so common today. Travel to India is becoming increasingly popular. Our community and our neighbors today have tried Indian food, know about Indian customs and either have traveled or have interest in visiting India. Our mission is to promote this trend.

ICC Greenwich endeavors to bring the best of Indian culture and arts to our community. We wish to bring programs of the highest quality and excellence.  ICC Greenwich was founded in September 2012 and had its inaugural event on 16 October 2012.

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